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Angel Of Fate

The Third & Final Book Of The Fate Trilogy

~The soul is an empty shell waiting for the heart to breathe life into it. Without the heart, it will harden, making it impenetrable and void. To be soulless is simply to be without heart ~

Cassandra’s journey continues, but it’s a whole new world living at the Sanctuary with the angels. She may be half angel, but the inhabitants of the Sanctuary seem to be more focused on the darkness that shadows the blood in her veins, making living with the them hell.

As they wait for their common enemy, Caleb, to take the bait they’ve set, tensions rise. The darkness within Cassandra grows and it seems even those she loves are turning their backs on her.

Will her heart stay strong enough to conform to her new life with the angels? Or will the Devil in her find a way to break the rules?

Find out Cassandra’s final fate in the last installment of the Fate Trilogy.

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