Be You

Be You

A close friend of mine sent me a link to this video Sunday night and since then I’ve seen it all over social media, and it’s for good reason. The message Colbie Caillat is sending through her beautiful lyrics and video is powerful and very important. So important, I think it bears sharing however you can.

They say Colbie was sick and tired of people photoshopping her image and it’s what motivated her to do this. I’ve always loved the music she’s created, but now, I can’t even begin to describe the respect I have for this woman.

The message is simple really: Be you.

The world today is full of people all over the world trying to be someone else, trying to look like someone else, trying to act like someone else. We’ve lost our sense of individuality and it’s sad. Without it, we’re all the same and what fun is that? We’ve all been there, trying so desperately to fit in, be liked. But nothing beats that feeling of someone liking you for you, someone falling in love with who you really are. It’s a feeling of freedom like no other.

So, do what Colbie says: take off the mask, let down your hair, and be free. BE YOU. You don’t need to try because it’s already within you.

Please take a moment to share her message anyway you can.


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