The World Of Sheol

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The story of Guardian Of Fate began with Cassandra Cosgrove and her visions. At the time, I had no idea where these visions would lead her or why, but as I got further into them, I realized how deep-rooted these visions were to her. As I started to flesh out who she was as a Guardian Of Fate, more characters started to take shape, bringing conflict to her world. Before long, I had a whole crew of supernatural characters with powers that came from nowhere. Let me say that again, they came from nowhere. You see the problem with this, right? So did I, and that is why I needed to start building my supernatural world.

What you’re about to see has never been seen before by the naked eye…well, except for mine…and maybe one other person…or two. Anyway, this is my creation of Sheol, or Hell, as most of us would refer to it. Please keep in mind, that this was the Hell built for GOF, and bears no affiliation to any religions, beliefs, politics, or personal demons. It is raw, and probably has a few grammatical errors, but it will give you a great picture of how Cassandra’s world came to be in Guardian Of Fate.

Enter at your own risk…

Creation of Sheol

Hadraniel, an angel in charge of protecting humanity fell in love with another angel, Anael. She was said to have powers of unimaginable beauty that no one could deny. Hadraniel was sent away for a time and Nergal, another angel, saw Anael and fell so in love with her that he tricked her into thinking Hadraniel would be gone forever so he could be with her. She gave in him andWhen Hadraniel found out what Nergal had done he was so upset that he declared war over Nergal and banded together with several other angels to force Nergal and Anael far out of their world.

Nergal soon realized that Anael was not the same woman that she had been when she was part of humanity. Without her soul, she was not longer a tempting beauty, but a cold, lifeless being. Nergal became resentful to Hadraniel for forcing him out to live the rest of eternity with Anael as she was. He vowed to avenge himself by taking human souls that were meant for Heaven before their time of death. These souls were forced to live as slaves and workers to build the city that he eventually claimed to be king over, Sheol. Nergal eventually tired of having to steal all of these souls himself so he started using some of the souls he’d gained in his kingdom to do his dirty work. These souls became Core Demons, sent out to steal the souls, or cores, of righteous humans. Nergal’s ultimate plan was to take over all of humanity and force the angels of Heaven that had ousted him into submission. He planned to be King over all of the worlds: Heaven, Sheol, and human existence.

Hadraniel soon realized that Nergal was creating an army of demons to steal souls meant for Heaven. He got together with the Heavenly Council that resided over the angels and they decided to find exceptional humans that they would give powers to humans that would allow them to detect these core demons in order to prevent the soul-stealing. They named these selected humans, the Guardians of Fate. Only the angels were able to detect these supernatural humans.

Nergal’s Core Demons were eventually brought to a halt and what the Heavenly Council didn’t account for was that Nergal was still an Angel and he was able to detect these Guardians. Nergal found one of them and forced him to drink the blood of one of his Core Demons. With the blood of a demon, the Guardian became a new kind of demon for Sheol. With the blood of a demon and the blood of a Guardian, these demons were able to detect the Guardians made from the Heavenly Council. Nergal sent more and more of these demons out to give their blood to unsuspecting Guardians to be turned. Eventually Nergal had an army of what he called Seekers within Sheol as well.

These forces continue to battle for the souls of humanity, each hoping to win the war of the worlds with their armies.