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Riley & Dax’s Story

It’s her property…

Riley Kastner is desperate to prove she can make it as an independent business owner, if for no other reason than to avoid working for her condescending parents. Unfortunately, her fledging planning business isn’t exactly soaring. In fact, it hasn’t even lifted for takeoff. So, when she finds out she’s the beneficiary of a bar in small town, USA, she takes a chance and lets fate lead the way.

It’s his life…

Dax Beckett wanted nothing to do with his dad’s bar, but he sure as hell didn’t expect him to give it to a complete stranger, especially a big city girl who knows nothing about running one. So, what’s a guy to do to save the family business? Charm her out of her sexy undergarments, of course.

But who’s in charge, when it’s owned by love?

Making Beckett’s a success is the common goal, but are they willing to sacrifice their hearts to achieve it?

**LOVE OWNED is a full-length, standalone contemporary romance novel.**

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