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Guardian Of Fate

[box] Excitement, seduction, suspense and two extremely hot and definitely mysterious men are only some examples of what readers have to look forward to. L.J.’s creativity and writing skills are very impressive and will leaving you craving for more of what Fate is to bring! Electric, seductive and full of surprises. A real page turner that has you on edge for what will happen next in Cassie’s life. Cannot wait to see what’s in store for us in book two!

~ DragonRene “~AVA~” (New York)[/box]

[box]Great plot, great characters and I can feel an amazing series coming from this! The end left me full of anticipation for the next book and I cannot wait to get my hands on it!

~ Kelly Seguin[/box]

[box]This book reminded me again why paranormal romance is my favorite genre! This book was so good, and I enjoyed it a great deal. I felt immediately drawn into the storyline and held captive until I got to the very last page of the book. And for a story to do that for me, well it used to be reserved for my favorite author, Sherrilyn Kenyon, but I have a feeling that LJ Kenowski might be taking that spot.

Hunter has to be one of the sexiest characters I have come across lately.

~ Kari, Bookishly Devoted[/box]

[box]Get ready for a book that will pull you into an emotional tug of war!

I find myself still thinking about this book days after I’ve read it! Fast paced, a love triangle gone wrong, and second guessing the Male characters. It so refreshing to find a Paranormal Romance that is like no other book out there.

~ Brandy Swain, All The Fun Starts After Dark[/box]

[box]This book reached out and grabbed me from the opening pages and never let go.

~ Author, Mae Clair[/box]

[box]In her premiere novel, Kentowski delivers a thrilling joyride, dropping us in the middle of the millennia old battle between good and evil. Her creation of strong yet mysterious characters, lends credence to her detailed work on this novel. Kentowski guides us through the fictional world with a skillful hand, keeping the story anchored to reality but also taking us beyond the limitation of our own minds. The story is meaty and character driven, full of angst, regret, passion, and suspense. The author sets up a dream scenario delivering every woman’s fantasy of a strong, intense man completely devoted and focused on only her. With a staunch sexual rigidness that seeps through the pages, our hero, Hunter will make you yearn for the devil in your man. The intensity of the push and pull within the story is riveting and captivating. Kentowski keeps you turning the pages with what will happen next and the end…well dang! A girl after my own heart… Definitely a read worth your time and money, but be prepared to become addicted…

~ Author, Amy Romine[/box]

[box]If you love fantasy and red-hot romance, Guardian of Fate is the book for you. Author Laura Kentowski has created a world that intersects the known everyday existence we are familiar with. She sweeps you into the action from the first word and doesn’t let up until the last.

~ Author, Alice Lynn[/box]

[box]Guardian of Fate is a seriously addicting page-turner of a story and should not be overlooked! The story is exciting, the characters are witty and charming and let’s not forget… down right sexy! GOF will keep you on the edge of your seat, waiting with anticipation to see what happens next.

The building tension and romance that ensues from Cassandra and another extremely HOT man (that shall remain nameless) will leave you breathless and wanting more (if I could bring him home and keep him for myself…he’d be all MINE!)

The ending will have you begging for the next book in this exciting new series.

If you love Paranormal Romance/Fantasy novels– I highly recommend Guardian of Fate!! I hope you’ll love it as much as I did!!!

~ Author, Loni Flowers[/box]

Seeker Of Fate

[box] SEEKER OF FATE is the second book in the GUARDIAN OF FATE series. All the characters I came to care about (and even some I loved to hate) are back again. L.J. Kentowski takes her readers on a rollercoaster ride as heroine Cassandra Cosgrove enters Hell (yeah, THAT Hell) to rescue her father from the King of the Underworld. I prefer not to wonder too much about what Hell might look/feel like, but Kentowski does a thoroughly believable job in creating a claustrophobic labyrinth replete with evils that made my skin crawl. There are crosses, double crosses, and crosses-upon double-crosses in this book. Just when you think you have the schemes and players figured out, Kentowski throws another curve ball into the mix. The pace is relentless, up to and including, the end. Hunter (this guy oozes alpha male) and Caleb are back, and there are some truly sizzling scenes between Hunter and Cassandra.

If you like urban fantasy with a dash of smoldering romance and a strong heroine with sass, check out SEEKER OF FATE. You won’t be disappointed!

~ Author, Mae Clair[/box]

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