Tuesday Teasers

Tuesday Teasers

Kids Of Chaos

Kids Of Chaos

You’ll be happy to know I survived the 8yr old apocalypse, a.k.a. Kids Of Chaos this past weekend. It definitely helped that the weather cooperated and we could wind them up with pizza and cake and let them loose outside. With that done, I’m now free of distractions from my writing (See! I’m already living in my fantasy world!).

I’ve got 8 chapters under the belt on this bad boy, and I’m still having a blast with it.

So, how about a little Tuesday Teaser?

Tuesday Teaser

His eyes met mine through the inch of space I’d allowed. I looked for signs he was drunk, or packing heat, but his eyes were clear, aside from the warm green irises that felt like they were trying to hypnotize me. And I didn’t see any obvious bulges aside from… well… he just looked normal… sexy Dax normal.

When my eyes concluded the bulge in his lower extremities was not an immediate threat and moved back up to his face, there was a grin there that hadn’t been before.

“That’s not what I came here to give you, but—”

“What is it, Dax?” I said, cutting him off. “What couldn’t freakin wait until tomorrow?”

His grin turned into a smirk before he said, “It’s too big to fit through that. You’ll need to open up.”

Oh my god! The man was one big, walking, talking innuendo!

I gave him the evil eye and said, “Don’t flatter yourself. I’m not opening this door.”

He laughed. “It’s not me I’m flattering, Kitten.” He reached into his black leather jacket, and I held my breath until he pulled out my tiger-striped bra.

“I happen to think it’s the perfect size, but it really is too big to fit through there,” he said, dangling the strap on his finger, just like he’d done at the gas station.

I sucked in another breath and almost passed out from lack of oxygen.

I knew then and there I was never going to survive a year of Dax. Between his constant intimations, come-hither looks, and egotistical nature, we were either going to brawl it out, or I was going to end up ripping his clothes off and begging him to take me. Either one would lead me to a heart attack.

© Copyright L.J Kentowski, 2014. All rights reserved.

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Now, how about a real Tuesday Tease?

Tuesday Tease





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  1. Mae Clair May 14, 2014 at 11:27 am - Reply

    I can tell you’re excited about this one, LOL. And now I can actually *see* why! 🙂 Very sexy excerpt!

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