Will Fifty Shades Measure Up?

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Will Fifty Shades Measure Up?

Fifty Shades of Grey10275582_665591963557478_6990185292071945908_o is hitting the big screen. Oh! You haven’t heard? Well here, let me help you crawl out of that rock you’ve been under. Yeah, so it’s coming hard and fast (get it?!) and soon women all over the world will be sitting in a dark room, watching, possibly drooling, into their buckets of popcorn over one of the most controversial novel series, written by E.L. James, to hit bookstores and eReaders. And have I mentioned, it’s blowing up the big screens on Valentine’s Day? Boyfriends, husbands, life-partners of Fifty Shades novel lovers… take note: you’re either going to have one of the best Valentine’s Days of your life, or you’re going to be replaced by Hollywood (or maybe some other contraptions!).

I haven’t read the books (please, don’t stone me!), but I am going to see it. It’s not that I don’t love a good tortured, alpha-male millionaire/billionaire (aren’t they the same?) with kinky ways in my books. Believe me, I’ve obsessed (drooled) over Jesse Ward (This Man Trilogy by Jodi Ellen Malpas), Gideon Cross (Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day), Colton Donovan (Driven Trilogy by K. Bromberg), and my latest Damien Stark (Stark Trilogy by J. Kenner). It’s just I have this thing about hating the movies if I’ve read the books. They just NEVER measure up! Not only that, but I have pictures in my head. And if those pictures are altered in any way, I could be scarred for life.


So, maybe I’ll read the books after. Or maybe I’ll just let the movie fulfill that Fifty Shades of fantasy for me on this one. We’ll see. Either way, I’m totally stoked to be going to a special première showing on February 12th with a bunch of my craziest (horniest) girlfriends!

What about you? Will you be seeing Fifty Shades when it hits the theaters in all its big, naked glory? Are you going on Valentine’s Day with anyone special? Have you read the books? Do you think it will own up?

Mrs. Kentowski will see you now.

C’mon, spill it!


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  1. Loni Flowers January 19, 2015 at 2:07 pm - Reply

    Ohhh I’m curious alright 😀 But I still refuse to read the book. I’ve read enough snippets to know I wouldn’t be that happy with it. I like my alpha males…. but from what I’ve gathered, tortured past or not, Grey is just hateful. And after reading some really good BDSM books, its clear that the author didn’t do much research on the subject…. that’s where I’m really hoping the movie will make it better.
    So I’ll be there opening weekend with my sunglasses and trench coat on mumbling, “One for 50 shades, please,” at the ticket line.

    • L.J. Kentowski January 19, 2015 at 3:00 pm - Reply

      I haven’t really heard much about the details of the writing. I only heard it was bad, but without seeing any of it, I’ve chalked that up to opinion of the person it comes from. I want a pic of you in the trench and sunglasses! Lol

  2. Emma January 20, 2015 at 11:02 am - Reply

    I’ll go with a group of friends. We’ll drool over Jamie Dornan, then hit the bar for cocktails.
    I’ve read the books. I can’t see the sex scenes being that graphic for a cinema release, but we shall see… Enjoy.

    • L.J. Kentowski January 20, 2015 at 11:25 am - Reply

      Sounds like a great night to me! I’m also wondering how far they will push this for the movie. Have a great time! Thanks for stopping by!

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